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    Audit & Assurance

    Auditors are ideally placed to offer audit our services that add value to your business by providing astute feedback on your operations. Our Audit Methodology, which complies with Indonesian auditing standards, provides an effective, cost-efficient, independent audit, carried out in a timely way by experienced professionals.

    We have audited numerous companies and have extensive experience in dealing with among enterprises in Indonesia. More than ever, our clients look to us for help with high quality audit services.

    We deliver our audit services in a seamless way, interpreting differences and uniqueness of each business characteristics where they exist, so that we can consistently provide perceptive advice that is relevant to your business.

    Our strong audit teams are always delighted to work together with you in meeting our expectations and needs.

    Our Audit Services include:

    • General Audit
    • Special Audit
    • Review and Compilation
    • Attestation Engagement
    • Due Diligence