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We Have More Than 10+ Years Practical Experience

We believed that people are one of our most valuable assets to earn the client’s trust and confidence. With a strong teamwork and commitment, we are a team of trusted consultants who cares and believe that providing quality services to the clients requires attention to details and the devotion of analytical skills and personal integrity.

We provide clients with selected team of experience tax consultants to handle complex tax issues and resolve them with confidence, often taking an innovative approach.

Why Choose Us ?

Domiciled in Jakarta, we had professional people who experts in local tax as well as international tax and its updates.

Our commitments to service our clients made us proud to give the best to our clients. Our Spirit to serve had become the pioneer to keep us developed.

We Provide Solution on Your

Kantor Akuntan Publik Lukito Darmawan (KAP LD) is an audit and consulting firm with strong local presence that offer world-class services. We are providing professional value added services to our clients. People at our company embraced the concept of providing high quality services that truly add values to our clients.

What We Do ?

Our firm offer variety of services that suit client’s needs, from the simple to the complex cross-border transaction tax support.

Some of our clients is the develop company in various sector such as trading, manufacturing, mining, property, forestry and financial .

Our Licences

1. Nomor Ijin KAP dr Departemen Keuangan : Nomor 720/KM.1/2014
2. Nomor ijin KAP dr OJK IKNB : Nomor 193/NB.122/STTD-AP/2016
3. Nomor ijin KAP dr OJK Pasar Modal : Nomor 49/PM.22/STTD-AP/2016
4. Nomor Ijin Siska Darmawan dari Departemen keuangan : Nomor 324/KM.1/2014

5. Nomor ijin Lukito dr Departemen Keuangan : Nomor 543/KM.1/2014
6. Nomor anggota IAPI atas nama Siska Darmawan dr IAPI : Nomor 2187
7. Nomor Anggota IAPI atas nama Lukito dr IAPI : Nomor 2244
8. Nomor ijin CA dr IAI an Siska Darmawan : 11.D52540
9. No. Ijin CA dr IAI an Lukito : 11.D46596